Proper Wrestling Stance and Positioning: Basic Wrestling Moves and Technique For Beginners

Tutorial Showing a Wrestling Stance. It is the FIRST THING you need to learn when starting folkstyle or freestyle wrestling! Breaks down the little details to improve your stance. Subscribe for more wrestling technique videos, many more coming soon!

This is for folkstyle and freestyle wrestling. Your stance is very important because it is the starting point for all wrestlers. Your stance will always be important when you are wrestling from neutral. It is the #1 most important basic. All your offense and defense will come from having a good wrestling stance and being in good position.

This is a staggered (also called sugerfoot) wrestling stance. That means leading with one foot in front of the other, if a foot isn’t leading, and your feet are on the same plain, that is a square stance. There are a few different stances, but I find this to be the most effective, offensively and defensively.

The video also talks about stance and movement. It is important you don’t cross your feet, and you take short steps when you are in your stance. Also, you want to stay off your heels.

This video is good for people who are new to wrestling and looking for instruction, for people just beginning or learning wrestling, or for anyone who wants to improve their wrestling basics or fundamentals.

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