Low Single Leg Takedown: Basic Neutral Wrestling Moves and Techniques For Beginners

Tutorial Showing a Low Level Single Leg Take Down For Beginners. This simple breakdown goes over some key points to the takedown. Great Wrestling Move. Subscribe for more wrestling technique videos, many more coming soon!

This video is for folkstyle and freestyle wrestling. Step by step breakdown of the move, Made famous by Oklahoma State’s coach John Smith and all the wrestlers from Okie St. who still do it to this day, the low single is one of the most effective leg attacks from neutral.

It is important that a new wrestler learns the low level single and does the move correctly. Heavy emphasis on keeping your elbow on the mat, head up and right on the inside of his knee, stepping up on the outside as you put him on his hip, and covering his legs instead of covering his hips.

This video is good for people who are new to wrestling and looking for instruction, for people just beginning or learning wrestling, or for anyone who wants to improve their wrestling basics or fundamentals.

Filmed and edited by www.hoco-photo.com

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